Autumn Long Stay at Dolphin Inn


Where did the summer go!? You might agree that 2020 has aged about as well as a newspaper on a wet London platform at rush hour, but now that Autumn is here, it’s time to remind ourselves of our love for exploration...
West London takes on a new life of its own during the aptly named fall season. The local landscapes are transforming before our eyes, as shades of green turn a warm orange (just in time for the cold to arrive!) and the nights begin to grow during each passing moment. We won’t even mention the sound of sleigh bells in the distance which draw nearer every day…. Too soon?

We want to make sure you get the best possible experience of London this year to make up for your sacrifices to far, so we’ve come up with a brand new Long Stay option at Dolphin Inn! This offer will allow you to settle into a cosy home-away-from-home in the heart of London, providing adequate living and dining areas with all expenses covered throughout your stay.

Staying for longer could make sense for reasons related to your safety, or if you’re looking to enjoy an extended break in new surroundings to kickstart your need for adventure this year. Here are some further deals of our exclusive offer for you to enjoy:

- No minimum or maximum stay applies
- All bills included as well as fast WiFi
- All rooms are en-suite
- Weekly room cleaning (can be more regular on request)
- Use of common dining room/living area
- Use of common kitchen (on separate arrangement)
- Can accommodate couples or small families as well as single occupants

We’re here to help you save as much as possible during your next trip, so you can still benefit from exclusive discounts for direct bookings on our website, as well as an extra 10% off for our heroic NHS workers who can get extra benefits by showing a valid ID.

The sights and sounds of Paddington aren’t going anywhere, and we can’t wait to welcome you back again in a way that suits you. For more information on this offer, visit this link to choose your dates today!

Written by Jon Orrells